hundo x RUBY ROOM

Virtual Event Design Meets Gen-X Future Careers

hundo championed our involvement with their premier event: CareerCon22 in support of Gen Z employment & career training needed in digital life of the 21 century.

We created a completely new floor layout for hundo's event with clear sight lines to points of interest, TikTok video kiosks, chill zones, easy access to the interview video program, a central stage, and a laser light + fireworks show!

Your Event Deserves Beautiful Design

Lighting and Layout for Maximum Effect

Step into the vibrant world of hundo and its incredible community as they unveil the spectacular transformation of their bespoke Ruby Room for the much-anticipated CareerCon22 event!

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with a dynamic main stage, a captivating blend of movies and music, interactive TikTok kiosks, an exhilarating crystal climbing area, a laid-back chillout zone, and a serene nature retreat. Dance your way through the event and discover hundo's secret to unlocking Gen Z's full career potential – a journey that transcends the ordinary.

hundo x RUBY ROOM

Customizations for hundo's Q4 CareerCon22


Event partners and speakers are prominently displayed at the entrance.
Curvy display walls match the overall room and guide vistors' gaze.


Stage signs are both a visually appealing structure and signal the event name to all visitors.
Branding is carried through other siteline-friendly points of interest, along with a program kiosk and a signup table.


Floor layout is designed to present up to three points of interest. Kiosks, walls and chill zones are positioned to minimize clutter and maximize readily accessible areas.


Chill zones provide a break from event audio. Accessibility supports include scene description text, guided tours, reduced saturation and glow effects, and a font choice supporting dyslexic readers.

Ready Player Me Custom Avatar Support

hundo x Ruby Room Walkthrough

Ruby Room Prime

Salon of Arts & Sciences

Our OG Ruby Room is designed for deep conversation and long-form content.

Each session features three leaders and three keywords in sciences, arts, technology, humanities, politics and culture

Ruby Room Prime

Ruby Room - Art, Architecture, Ecology

In our debut session, we present music, poetry, presentations by our esteemed guests, and a panel discussing the theme as it relates to their work and the oncoming metaverse. 
Phnam Bagley, Nonfiction Design 
Andre Sobolewski PhD, Clear Coast Consulting 
Xander Simms, Digital Storytellers 

Theme: "Art Architecture Ecology" 
Programme starts at 11:18


Sunflower Room - Event for Ukraine

Join our esteemed guests for ninety minutes of celebration for Ukraine. Discover Ukrainian art, literature and language. Support the Ukrainian people protecting their land with immense courage. 


Elena Herweyer, Art Fresh Inc
Dr. Michael S. Blekhman, Linguist & Author
Dr. Olga Bezhanova, Professor & Author
Moderator: Marina Byezhanova, Co-founder Brand of a Leader 

Theme: "Arts and Culture for Ukraine" 

Donation Links: 
Donations on Olga's and Michael's behalf: 
The official name of the charity is "Come Back Alive." It's the largest charity supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

On Marina's behalf: 
On Elena's behalf: Artem Pidhornyi (for Dnipro) 

To send donations via Western Union (no transaction fees to Ukraine): 
Artem Pidhornyi Ukraine 
Phone: +38 050 6613433 

To send donations via PayPal: 

To read about the volunteers' group in Dnipro, visit Facebook:




Virtual Event Features

What the Ruby Room Brings You

TikTok Video Kiosks

Walk up to a kiosk to activate your event's video content! 

Moving Stage and Movie Screen

Our stage lowers when showing your event's main content and webcasts to your audience.

Concerts and DJ Laser Light Show

The Ruby Room stage raises for your event's music and DJ programs. Attendees can join in and dance! 
Fireworks and smoke effects optional. 

Sightlines to Points of Interest

Attendees can see two to three points of interest from anywhere in the room, aiding navigation while providing visual interest and energy to the event.

Chill Zones

Every person is different. Our Ruby Room provides zones to chill in stylish chairs with their own sound therapy. 
Listen to rain, rivers, bass and drums, and other programs to relax. 
We also provide a nature zone with the comfort of a tree and perching birds.

Climbing Zone

Get the best view in the house at our Crystal Climbing zone! 
The climb is challenging. If you can do it, the view is yours to enjoy.


hundo x Ruby Room CareerCon22

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