Carbix Corp X2 + MVSE + ASL

Revolutionizing Carbon-Neutral Product Development, Accessibility, and Virtual Economies

Founded in 2020, Carbix's vision is to develop planetary health technologies. Our focus is developing and scaling climate technologies. We use point source  and direct air capture CO2 emissions to create products, and in the process seek to reduce or eliminate emissions from a wide range of industry sectors like cement, steel, chemicals, and glass. 

Carbix Corp Home Page

Carbix Corp MVSE Metaverse

Design, Build, and Earn in Carbix's MVSE Metaverse, featuring the X2 CCU

Avatar-Led Teaching

Operation, Sales, Theory and Safety all presented in-context in virtual Geothermal, Float Glass and Cement Factory hi-def simulations.

A.I. Adaptive Quiz

Proof of Concept adaptive quiz presented by Carbix's Anya-01 dynamically selects the next question based on your accuracy score during testing.

ASL Recognition

With twenty percent of the world's population being deaf or hard of hearing, we believe access to the MVSE via ASL is essential to an inclusive industrial metaverse.

Non-verbal Coms

We've put xtra effort into non-verbal avatar communication for next level language in MVSE. 
Non-verbal facial expression is aboslutely essential to ASL too.

Avatar-led Instruction

Carbix Corp's exciting patented carbon capture technology levels up with their X2 Carbon Capture unit. The X2 is designed to convert industrial plant emissions at the source and convert them into a build-ready carbon-neutral building product.

Woven into the Carbix Corp avatars are A.I. APIs including Large Language Models, Speech to Text, synthetic voice simulation, and Adaptive Learning models, all focused on enhancing the training opportunities in Carbix digital twin installations.


AI Conversational Avatars


Site Installations and Rooms


Hours of MVP content

Carbon Capture

On Site Education + X2 CCU

Carbix Corp required an advanced digital simulation of their advanced X2 Carbon Capture Unit installed on-location at a Float Glass manufacturing facility, a geothermal energy plant, and at a cement manufacturing plant.

Additionally the opportunity for a showroom spotlighting the X2 and its products appeared and we accommodated.

Development of instructional avatars is a key element of this project. We focused on non-verbal communication, driving through behaviour graphs a layered approach to body language, facial expressions, arm/hand gestures, and real-time lip sync. 

Real-time lip sync allowed us to also incorporate the remarkable language model AI development to provide naturalistic conversation alongside scripted text to speech.

Work has started to bridge the divide to ASL and hard-of-hearing accessibility in the industrial metaverse.

MVSE Gallery

The Carbix Metaverse MVSE features seven A.I. avatars, three sites, a showroom and quiz room for hours of content.

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