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Vision and Mission Statement

Edmonton Odyssium,

Xyris' mission is to communicate your complex ideas, concepts and technologies. We provide for you a service that connects your mission with your audience in a clear, educational, and interactive format.

Key Benefits

3D Oilpaint technique

Quality, clarity, availability.

We feature a flexible approach to project creation and a creative relationship that keeps you consistently involved with the process.

You benefit by standing out amongst your peers with successful project design, raising your profile and potential for greater success.

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Mobile Dev Blog Launches

Based on our iPhone and Flash development we will decribe informally and technically the hurdles and successes of our efforts. For 3D iphone applications we are using the StoneTrip Shiva framework and SDK in Apple's XCode. For 2D gaming we will use the Cocos2D framework, and for native applications we will work directly in XCode.

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Xyris data visualization for EEA

Data Vis for EEA

Xyris developed a concept for presenting the European Environmental Agency's ozone tracking data online. Taking into consideration existing documentation, reports, and stakeholder goals.

Inspired by the minimalist visualization work of Edward Tufte we designed a proof-of-concept which supports quick comparison of EU member states' seasonal ozone production data, cross-referenced with printed document text.

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e-Learning Application Framework

Xyris prototyped six variations of 3Plain's e-learning solution in six weeks using Adobe Flash. The XML schema we'd created proved robust and useful for articulating the text and imagery.

In particular, Xyris built in an option to have custom commands specified in XML by ID number, which then triggered external functions placed in actionscript. In this way, non-uniform circumstances in the interactivity could be supported without hard-coding such commands in the presentation framework.

Image of computer code
Game code

Commercially-released game coded by Xyris

Xyris coded a series of seven games as a business-to-business service for a local company, who had been contracted to deliver a CD-ROM featuring a beloved group of high-profile television characters. Our coding methods concentrated on OOP organization and flexibility in manipulating in-game 2D assets and memory management. The CD-ROM was pressed and released to the public though local electronics and gaming store shelves and online.

Image of video interview
GSC Pathways Project interview video

Professional Video + CDROM

Xyris produced professional video interviews for the Geological Survey of Canada. We paid particular care to lighting, sound, and quality post-processing which included 3D rendered backgrounds. The video interviews covered fascinating projects involving the Survey's initiatives in BC and South America.

The video was shot in PAL-format DV and edited in Avid Xpress. Compositing was accomplished in Eyeon's Digital Fusion.

Image of flash interactive - regions of the brain
Areas of the Brain interactive concept

Medical Edu-tainment prototype

We were tapped to make a proof-of-concept educational interactive sample for RGI Solutions in Moncton, NB. RGI is the code author of their successful CMS, Digital Signage and e-marketing technologies.

Xyris drew upon its experience with science-related graphics and animation to quickly produce a proof-of-concept.

3D image of spiral galaxy
Spiral galaxy

3D Design

Experimental rendering for science center entertainment. A computer-generated spiral galaxy with dust lanes.