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With Stickman Productions:

Nova Scotia Sports Heritage Centre

Interactive design, interface, graphics, prototype. Promote history and athletes of Nova Scotia

With Lunny Communications Group:

Edmonton Odyssium

Image and content research, game and interactive design, animation, video editing, 3D and 2D rendering, image rights management. Mrs. Green?s Garage, Global?s Weather Watch, My Body - How It Works, Space Place - Team Goldilocks

Al-Khobar Science and Technology Center

Exhibit interactive and video planning, storyboards, 3D animation, 2D graphics, image and content research and image rights. Traditional Architecture (promo video), Biology - Brain Structure, Neurons, Cancer Cell, The Human Genome, The Developing Fetus, Solar System, Hubble

Georgia Basin Rover

Planning, interactive design, vision consultation (New Directions), animation. Promote local stories and knowledge of the Georgia Basin geography and geology